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As we all know that the history of India attracts everyone from the world. People are curious to know more about it. The culture, tradition, locality, the environment, and of course the beauty. It explains about the legends born in the soil of it such as Swami Vivekananda(The Holy Spirit), and many more personalities..
Delhi is a historical place it the capital of India and it has many historical stories. There are few places here which are very famous all over the world and every year many tourists come to visit. Let's know 5 Best Places to visit in Delhi.
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Assume 24 ct is 100%

1 ct =100/24
1 ct =4.16%

now we can calculate all ct,k percentages


so we are callling 22ct as 91.6

let take 20 ct
20 ct=20*4.16
.we can call as 83.2 %

24 ct gold is flexible and mostly in gold bars.it can not be make as jewels.

so copper ,silver are added to pure or 100% or 24 ct gold.

jewels gold percentage:

91.6 % pure gold remaining 8.4 % is copper or silver.
Difference between 24 k 22k 18 k

24ct gold is pure.not contains any metal or elements.can not make j
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