Indian cold storage industry- Uses of Best cold storage technology

As we know, the uses of technology are the cornerstone of any successful business this same apply in cold storage industry.

Industries such as food processing, Pharmaceutical, Hotel & Restaurant are using the same technology.


Cold storage solutions 

However, with the trends and advances in technology the demand that business industries needed, we Roshan cold storage, using best cold storage technology without any compromise.


Indian cold storage industry.

We adapt latest technology
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The Advantages of Innovation
High power for greater range of therapy alternatives
High speed pulse durations for faster procedural time
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Dual Port for efficient setup of alternate delivery devices
Intuitive graphic touch screen interface for ease of use
Programmable memory presets for multiple users
Optional Module for MicroPulse Laser Therapy, Fovea-Friendly*
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Repeatable glaucoma therapy with MicroPulse laser trabeculoplasty
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