Manaslu Circuit Trek 8,163 m (26,781 ft), the package is a unique trekking path that leads you to one of the eighth highest mountains in the world. This trip itself is termed as a challenging trek by trekkers who have explored the remote Manaslu Valley. In Fact, it is a reward in itself. Discover the real Nepal and get familiar with the natural and cultural richness. This trek is popular both clockwise and anti-clockwise route. The walk along the remote lands of Budhi Gandaki and Dudh Khola valleys, lead across the Larkya La Pass that lies at 5135m altitude. Magnificent views of Mountains, Kanguru, Himlung Mountain, Annapurna II, and Cheo Mountain. Walking with those mountains through thin settlements of the various ethnic group are the basic attractions of Manaslu Trek while Trekking in Nepal, Since Larkya La exists in the shadow of Manaslu, Larkya Peak is covered in snow for most of the time.


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