If you are thinking about buying a new compact tractor for your farm, there is plenty you need to consider first. A hobby tractor needs to be able to perform all the functions a professional farming tractor can. Solis tractors engineered its S series to cater especially to the needs of hobby farmers. In its S series, Solis features two compact tractors Solis 20 and Solis 26 tractor which have the capability to be your perfect partner on your hobby farm.


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    Solis S 20 and S 26 report a towing capacity of 1600 kg each. Therefore, these Solis tractors will have no problem pulling a trailer full of heavy loads around the farm or pulling disc harrow to chop the unwanted weed at your personal farm. While talking about the lifting capabilities of both, Solis 20 tractor offers a lifting capacity of 500 kg. And, Solis 26 tractor comes with a lifting force of 600 kg due to the added 6 HP in the model. You can easily remove heavy debris, clear out snow-covered roads, or lift heavy logs at your farm.

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